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When Life Encounters Outdoor Seven First-aid Kit Apr 17, 2017

"Look, what is this?" The Red Cross first-aid training class, the teacher shall shake out a glittering paper". "Look at the texture is so thin, and a little metal texture, much like a bag of chocolate paper!" My classmates and I whispered. This is called emergency blanket, can effectively prevent cold and heat, to maintain the normal temperature of the human body." As the teacher said, he gave us the blanket. Originally, this thin, is a folded handkerchief sized "blanket" is the use of PET polyester film as raw material, can reflect more than 80% of the human body heat. The teacher said that if used properly, this blanket can also be used as a stretcher, she and the other 5 people with it carrying more than and 180 pounds of the wounded walked for several hours! When you get lost in the open, you can use it to reflect, to attract the attention of rescue workers.

Then, the teacher took out a pack of ice packs. Hold in the hand, a little hard to hold tight, 7 seconds later, the temperature of the ice bag can be quickly reduced to minus 1 degrees Celsius, used to cold compress pain, swelling or blood stasis, are very convenient. Do not look at these little things in the daily life of little use, but to the field when the first aid on the big use.

Game player said: according to authoritative statistics, the accident occurred after the death in 30 minutes for 85%, which means that if in 30 minutes to get timely and effective treatment and use the corresponding emergency items, can save the most lives. So, for people who often participate in outdoor sports, equipped with first aid kits, knowledge and methods of self-help and mutual aid is very important. Currently, you can buy a good package in the emergency allocation of professional outdoor stores and supermarkets, the price in a two hundred yuan, including various dressings, bandages, scissors, gloves, disinfecting wipes, respiratory membrane, some also provide first aid skills demo CD, convenient for outdoor enthusiasts.