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Outdoor Travel Distress How To Save Themselves? Medical First Aid Kit Apr 17, 2017

No one can predict what will happen in the open air. An emergency kit and first aid kit may come in handy when you're injured, so be sure to take it with you. China Daily reporter learned in Yulin outdoor club, now outdoor play might meet too much, serious will lose their lives, so the club responsible person to remind everyone before traveling to do all the preparatory work, be sure to bring out the equipment: if you encounter unexpected events can also help themselves. Bandage, dressing, dressing bags, disinfectant (alcohol, iodine, iodophor, hydrogen peroxide and other emergency medicine), cloth, cotton balls, thermometer, commonly used drugs and treatment of cold, have a fever, stomach is to prepare some. There are eye drops, safflower, hemostasis, cool oil and other goods.