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Medical Consumables Disposable Postoperative Care Sterilized Chitosan Wound Dressing Mar 12, 2018

Basic Info

  • Model NO.: wound dressing

  • Feature: Disposable

  • Ethylene Oxide Sterilization: Ethylene Oxide Sterilization

  • Group: for Patients

  • Medical Devices Ad. Approval No.: 20110326

  • Medical Devices Reg./Record No.: 20110326

  • Functions: Wound Care, Promote Wound Recover

  • Size: 6*10cm, 10*15cm, 20*30cm etc

  • Model Number: Type D

  • Color: White

  • Sterile: Sterilized Packing

  • Transport Package: 1PC/1bag, 25PCS/Box

  • Origin: Hubei, China

  • Material: Non Woven, Chitosan, PU, PE Is Selectable, PE

  • Certification: CE, FDA, ISO13485

  • Application: Hospital

  • Logo Printing: With Logo Printing

  • Medical Device Regulatory Type: Type 2

  • Applicable: for Wound Care

  • Layers: 3 Layers

  • Certificate: Ce, FDA, ISO9001, ISO13485

  • Service: OEM, ODM

  • Place of Origin: Hubei, China

  • Trademark: Huawei

  • Specification: 6*10cm, 10*15cm, 20*30cm etc

  • HS Code: 300510900

Product Description

Medical consumables disposable postoperative care sterilized chitosan wound dressing 

Description of chitosan dressing:

The chitosan dressings is a high-tech wound dressing which use chitosan fiber as raw material, the fiber is extracted from the crabs, shells and others materials, the dressing not only has natural antibacterial, hemostatic, promoting wound healing effect, but also has good bio-compatibility, biodegradability and biological function.
Mechanism of action of chitosan dressing:
Antibacterial and anti-inflammatory
It is the only efficient broad-spectrum biological dressing which doesn't contain any drug ingredient.

Promote healing:
1. Promote growth of cells which related to wound healing, such as promote normal fibroblasts, epithelial cells and keratinocytes growth; promote macrophages to produce the activity factor which contribute to wound healing, thereby promote wound healing; 
2. Promote microvascular regeneration of skin wound tissue, improve blood circulation, thus speed up wound healing; 
3. Chitosan dressing and cell interstitial mucopolysaccharide matrix has similar molecular structure, it has good cell compatibility, provides a favorable environment for the skin cell growth, it is conducive to wound healing.

Chitosan is the only positive ion alkaline polysaccharide in nature, and act with the anion from the surface of red blood cells, produce red blood cell aggregation. In addition, chitosan amino has adsorbed lipids ability, the proportion of lipids on the red blood cell membrane is very big, through the adsorption of chitosan amino to cell membrane lipid, it promotes its aggregation to achieve hemostasis purposes. Chitosan can also promote platelet's PDGF-AB and TGF-β1 expression, and ultimately achieve the purpose of promoting platelet adhesion and aggregation.

 Hygroscopicity and moisture retention:
Chitosan dressing is rich in amino group and a hydroxyl group; it is a natural substance of high hydrophilicity, and its electrical charge and polar group density is very large, thereby it has superior moisturizing ability, giving a comfortable feeling of wetness and softness to touch.

1.Chitosan can absorb the wound inflammatory substances bradykinin in the blood (the bradykinin lead to pain), then play an analgesic effect,
Inhibit scar's formation.
2.Chitosan can promote the growth of epithelial cells; inhibit abnormal overgrowth of fibroblasts to prevent scar formation.
Features of wound care chitosan dressing: 
1. Soft appearance, strong hydrophilic; 
2. Quickly absorb the effluent of the wound's surface, form a soft hydrogel, lock moisture for a long time and provide a good wound humid environment; 
3. the chitosan is with the rapid expansion after absorbed liquid, it can absorb up to 30 times the weight of itself, reserves exudates in situ ,does not drain water out, has strong lock water function, appear to be transparent and easy to observe; 
4. Promote wound healing, reduce the formation and contraction of scar, when dressing is removed, no adhesions, and reduce the suffering of patients. 

Applicable scope:
Apply to wounds with more effluent, such as post-operative wounds, ulcerative wounds, bed sores, chronic wounds fomentation of granulation and epithelial period. 
chitosan filled bars and cotton ball can be applied to stop the bleeding of a variety of the lacunar wound or hole-like wound healing materials, such as nasal surgery, sinus, post extraction of tooth.

Usage of wound care chitosan dressing:
1. Cleaning the wound, remove the net necrotic tissue and eschar, repeatedly clean the wound with saline or sterile water, and suck the wound drily with sterile gauze.
2. Take appropriate specifications of this product: 
 1)For flat wound skin surface, completely covered the trauma, and make it close to attach the wound, keep it at least 1 cm margin around the wound edge, cut off the excess part, then fix it with sterile gauze. If excessive Oozing, replace the external sterile gauze timely; 
 2)To irregular hole trauma, need to cut, fold, curl the wound then do stuffing and filling, plugging operation based on the specific clinical situation, if necessary, use sterile gauze or retaining bandage fix it topical.
3. In normal circumstances, change the product once every 1 to 4 days or replacement under doctor's advice, during replacement, should re-sterilize the wound surface. When replace this product, can remove directly, if necessary, can use saline or distilled water to wet the wound on your own discretion, then remove, the wound need be re-cleaned and disinfected again before apply another one. 
Specification of wound care chitosan dressing:

Name:Medical consumables disposable postoperative care sterilized chitosan wound dressing
size :10*25cm, 10*15cm, 10*6cm,etc
Shelf life: 2 years
Storage: keep in sealed dark cool place 
Delivery timeabout 15-25days

Picture of chitosan dressing:

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Company information:

Huawei is a research, development, manufacture, sale high-tech enterprises.
And we are committed to the scientific research, development, manufacture, sale of all kinds of transdermal patches for neck pain, shoulder pain, back pain, arthritis and rheumatism, such as tiger plaster,capsicum plaster and other medical products,example:medical tape dressing,advanced wound dressing and medical coating raw material etc., which are not only popular at home,but also all over the world. 
We can also furnish customers with timely and customized services of OEM/ODM.

We holds powerful technical force and various scientific and technical personnel with senior and medium titles as well as advanced equipment,rigid process management, perfect monitoring means, furthermore, it earnestly carries out the standards of ISO9000 system,all products are produced in line with national relevant standards
We adhere to serving society and bringing benefit to people,serving for the health of the human being and make due contribution to the development of China's medical cause.

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Q1: What service can you provide?
A:We can provide Huawei/ Tiexin brand products to the customer, also we provide OEM and ODM service with customer brand
Q2: Can you have our own logo on the products? A:Yes, we can do your imprinting,logo,label for your company.
Q3: Can you do our sizes? A: Yes, we have top facility, and we can do your any sizes,shapes selectable.
Q4: Can you do my ingredients? A: We could do your products according to your samples,formulation,and ingredients.
Q5:Can we have samples for our local marketing test? A: Yes we can provide free samples for you, but the freight fee of express is on buyer's account.
Q6:What is the normal lead time? A.For stock products, we will send goods to you within 2-5 days after we receive your payment. B.For surface handing products,the delivery time is 25-30 working days after we receive your payment.

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