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What are the daily first-aid supplies Apr 17, 2017

Alcohol cotton: to give first aid and hands disinfection; cotton stick to small bleeding wound cleaning area; gloves, masks can prevent rescuer infection; 0.9% normal saline to wash the wound; disinfection gauze used to cover the wound; a bandage is elastic, for wounds, not impede blood circulation; triangle: can support the injured limb, fixed dressing or fracture; safety pins: fixed triangle tape or bandage; fixed gauze or bandage; wound coverage: small band aid: round round scissors; scissors is safe, can be used to cut the tape or bandage, when necessary, can also be used to cut clothing; the pliers pliers, instead of holding hands or clip to wound dressing, the dirt; flashlight: rescue in the dark environment, it can be used for lighting, but also fainted A person who reacts with the pupil; a whistle can call for help in case of an emergency. In addition to the above items, commonly used drugs are essential, such as oral aspirin, topical red medicine, etc..