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We need to prepare the first aid kit! Apr 17, 2017

We have to prepare in advance of first aid box! Last year Tianjin port explosion so far a lot of people are still fresh in people sad but also reflect, if we encounter such a thing again safe self rescue? Is it possible for us to do something that we can do without?

No matter what others think or do, at least we can be alert and ready in advance. What should we prepare before the disaster? Do you know the importance of the first aid kit?

Beijing red cube Medical Equipment Co., Ltd. Safety Officer: red cube first aid box should be easy to carry, but also to meet the basic needs of survival. We should pay more attention to the knowledge of the first aid box, pay more attention to do not know than too much. At the same time we prepared a first-aid kit, not everything, we have to learn to use the emergency tools inside. Because if you don't know how to use these tools, you really can't use it in a crisis, so we have to use it in advance.

To learn to use the emergency emergency tool box, can go to the museum security study here will not only teach you to use emergency tools, but also allows you to truly experience the circumstances such as fire and earthquake, make you more proficient skills to escape.