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Survival Kit-2p Mar 02, 2018

Basic Info

Product Description

  • Model NO.: SK-2P

  • Type: Bag

  • Origin: Xiamen, China,

  • Application: Office

  • Size: Medium

  • HS Code: 300650000

This 2 persons Survival Kit is designed to prepare a small home or apartment  for any disaster. The comprehensive Emergency Survival Kit contains the most critical and reliable emergency preparedness supplies to store at home including Food, Water, Lighting, Radio/Communication, First Aid, Sanitation and Shelter.
Carrying Case
Waterproof PVC Coated Nylon Bag
Food & Water
1 Food Bars (10,000kj/box)
2 Fresh Waters (500ml/bag)
2 Water Purification Tablets 
2 Plastic Cups (180ml)
Lighting & Communication
1 Dynamo Flashlight
1 Radio
1 Note Pad
8 Long-life Candles
10 Waterproof Matches
2 Emergency Blankets
2 Rain Ponchos
1 Emergency Tent
1 Dust Tape
2 Tissue Packs
2 Plastic Bags
2 Toothbrush and Toothpaste Packages
First Aid
1 Medium Sized First Aid Kit
Search & Resuce
1 Safety Whistle
2 Dust Masks
1 Swiss Army Style Knife