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Quanzhou held a love first aid package, volunteer to send warm large-scale public welfare activities Apr 17, 2017

Warm weather sets off the enthusiasm of volunteers. December 5th is the international volunteer day, Quanzhou Public Welfare Association to join the truth online of the CPC Quanzhou municipal civilization office, Quanzhou city food and drug administration, Quanzhou Red Cross, Quanzhou emergency command center, Quanzhou City, Quanzhou city food and drug law enforcement detachment and other units jointly in Quanzhou's Confucious'Temple Square to carry out love kit. Volunteer warmth "large-scale public welfare activities.

Active atmosphere, from each of the elderly community in the event to enjoy the amount of blood pressure, blood test, love Pedicure, gynecology, internal medicine consultation, on-site first aid training, public Haircut etc. by the organizers to provide free services.

Activities, under the guidance of the host, the leaders of all ministries and commissions, all walks of life, as well as the representatives of the people in charge of the team to sign the signature wall, the official start of the first aid emergency release. Reporters learned that, in the payment to the scene of the elderly in the first aid kit, including medical scissors, electronic thermometer and other household appliances required for ordinary families.

From the art school of Quanzhou art troupe with the daughter of the Dai Dai "rain" dance opened the condolences to the activities of order show off.

Director of the office of the elderly in Quanzhou, Li Lin, deputy director of the CPC Quanzhou Municipal Committee, deputy director of civilization to attend the activities of Cai Fangyang.

It is reported that this activity by the Licheng District Office on aging, Licheng District, Quanzhou city volunteers association of food and drug supervision and Management Bureau of Licheng branch, Licheng Red Cross, Quanzhou online public truth Association, Quanzhou Quancheng Volunteer Club, public service team, Quanzhou RH negative volunteer service teams and other groups more than 400 volunteers to participate in the service, through practical actions to promote the vulnerable groups of solidarity, helpfulness, respect for the old and helping the social atmosphere, conducive to the whole society to establish the dedication, friendship and mutual aid, progressive era air fan, and inspire more people to support public welfare undertakings.

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