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General First-Aid Kit Mar 20, 2018

Basic Info

  • Model NO.: MCFA-B007

  • General First-Aid Kit: Lamina for Pressing Lingua

  • Dressing Clamp: 12.5cm

  • Adhesive Plaster: 1.25*200cm

  • Cravat: 100*100*140cm

  • Medicinal Gauze Pieces: 7.5*7.5cm

  • Trademark: Med Equipment

  • Specification: CE, ISO

  • Certification: ISO13485

  • Medical First Aid Kit: Plexor

  • Rolling Plywood: 92*11cm

  • Gauze Bandage: 10*500cm

  • Compressed Gauze: 50*80cm

  • First-Aid Kit: Tourniquet Latex

  • Transport Package: Standard Packing for Export

  • Origin: Guangzhou, China

Product Description

      General First-aid Kit
      Model: MCFA-B007


1Oxygen Cylinder2 Litre1
2Manual ResuscitatorPVC for Adult1
3Manual Suction 1
4Endotracheal TubeSize3.4.7.84
7Equipment for opening Mouth*1
8Lamina for Pressing Lingua*1
9Tongue Forceps*1
10Flashlight 1
11Medicinal Scissor12.5cm1
12Stanching Nip12.5cm1
13Mouth-to-mouth breathing mask*1
14Medicinal Gauze Pieces7.5*7.5cm10
15Adhesive Plaster1.25*200cm2
16Medicinal Glove*1
17Alcohol Cotton*10
18Emergency manual 1
19MCFA-B006-FS2 First aid kit55*32*29cm1

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