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Do you have a home fire emergency kit? Apr 17, 2017

Home fire emergency kits, as the name suggests, refers to people in the event of a fire when ready to escape emergency rescue package. In view of the emergency package in the fire to save the role of life, so must be carefully chosen at the time of purchase, not because of low prices and impulse consumption, if the purchase of fire emergency kits, you can refer to the following recommendations:

A view of production and operation license

1, emergency kits / boxes of production enterprises must be located in the factory of the quality and technical supervision for the record, if not for the record how to ensure the quality of the product, therefore, must show the quality and technical supervision of the seal file.

2, look at the business license is the assembly of civil protective products, production or manufacture of words, if there is no description of the trading company.

Two, check whether the product is qualified

Emergency products are used to combat rescue, the quality of the product is essential. Please ask for samples before purchasing:

1, to see if there are: A, certificate, B, the batch product inspection list, C, the implementation of standards.

2, check the product has no code anti-counterfeiting, brand products are code anti-counterfeit label.

3, check whether products: A, B, product brand elevators, elevators, C, product warranty.

Three, the proposed investigation

Home visits can not only see the real situation of the enterprise, but also to review the business license registration address with the actual office address is unified, to see if the company has the ability to undertake orders and after-sales service.

All in all, in the purchase of the family fire emergency package, in order to buy a full-featured, genuine products is best to refer to the above article about the three recommendations. Only when the emergency package to buy the heart, it can play a role at the critical moment, become our life-saving bag.