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Chrysler donated Jeep team and 1 million first aid supplies Apr 17, 2017

In April 21st, Chrysler Chinese Automobile Sales Co. announced that for the first time contribute to the disaster area, Chrysler China made two emergency measures: Chrysler Chinese will provide 20 new Jeep Wrangler consisting of the rescue team to the local government, through the dangerous sections for disaster emergency relief supplies and personnel transport. At the same time, Chrysler Chinese will invest 1 million yuan worth of emergency procurement of food, water, medicine, assisted by local dealers by the JEEP Wrangler rescue team together to disaster areas.

Chrysler Chinese automobile Limited company president and general manager Zheng Jie said: "the earthquake occurred in a short period of time, love Chinese government, society and enterprises, who love the oceans, Chrysler China is willing to join hands with the owners, dealers, caring people in the government organization, take practical action to do something for the people of disaster areas."

Prior to that, in April 20th, Chrysler China through the official micro-blog Jeep, called on the national car owners to join the rescue operations, Chrysler China will be involved in the rescue of dealers and owners strong backup support. The afternoon of April 20th, Chrysler Chinese organization's first rescue team - Wrangler owners team led by Chongqing Yuantong dealer, has drove to the disaster area, and arrived on 20 night in disaster relief, become the government, enterprise organization under the first batch of arriving in the area of civil rescue team.

Chrysler China said it would pay close attention to the needs of the disaster area, with the actual action to support the disaster area.