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Carry emergency supplies to rescue the faint passers Apr 17, 2017

More than and 20 year old woman in Guangzhou subway station fainted, the body cold, how to do? Fortunately, she met on the way home, a professional nurse, take the pulse, pinch people, to save people can quickly wake up early may be hypoglycemic reaction.

Yesterday afternoon 3 am, Guangdong General Hospital, Dongchuan, Luo Chunxia, director of the Department of internal medicine nurse, home via Metro Line 5 gold rush station. Suddenly, in front of a commotion, a more than and 20 year old woman collapsed to the ground, accompanied by middle-aged woman (after the woman was known to faint mother) panic.

Luo Chunxia then asked other passers-by to call the 120 emergency, while quickly pinch the woman fainted in the middle part. Dozens of seconds later, the treatment of onset, while the woman shouted pain woke up.

At this time, subway station staff call 120, with a stretcher, emergency rushed to the box, asking whether Luo Chunxia needs a heart press, "no," Luo Chunxia replied, "my name side command of a soldier" of the passers-by, together the woman on a stretcher.

"Fortunately, I have a first-aid kit." Luo Chunxia said that she worked for more than 30 years, has been carrying a bag containing chocolate, save the heart Dan, hemostatic paste, etc.. She took the chocolate feeding awakened woman, I heard the woman say "sick, can't eat," she changed the method, let the subway staff take warm water to feed the woman drink, also comfort her, the woman then slowly regained.

When I was in the province for 30 years, nurses, encountered this situation, of course, should be shot." Luo Chunxia said, to be able to save the woman fainted woke up, happy, but also believes that he is a medical staff, ready to save.